Monday, September 7, 2009

Meteorology in Preschool

This week we studied the sun. I always start out the week by asking a question pertaining to whatever we are studying. This week my question was, "What does the sun do?". Here are the the responses I got...

It gets into your eyes.

It burns your eyeballs so you have to wear sunglasses.

It follows you.

It makes our mouths hot.

Makes you stay inside.

It stays in the sky.

If you stay in the sun too long it could make you die.

It gets you sweaty.

It makes our eyes hot.

It stays yellow.

It makes the house shady.

It can dry us up.

It goes up and down.

During this week, we had a very rare cloudy day, so on a whim, I asked the kids, "What is a cloud?". And here are those responses...

They are made of fish.

They are white.

They are in the sky and fluffy.

I think if I could touch one, it would be hard.

If you look real hard, they sometimes can have a face.

They go under planes.

They are sometimes like stripes.

They are made of water, and when they get full they turn gray and then rain comes out. (This child obviously has studied the water cycle prior to coming to my class...).

They move in the sky.

It was a fun week. :0)



Amy H said...

That is why Max has sun glasses because the sun burns his eyeballs! I love to hear what they come up with!

Barbra Stephens said...

I love taking dictation from the children- usually writing it on a whiteboard in front of them and reading it back to them. They love to see their word written down a a 'Big Person' like the teacher, taking the time to do it. It's all pre-writing,language development, and pre-reading...that's awsome! Thanks for this post!