Saturday, May 3, 2008

Art Night

We recently had my favorite of all events at our little preschool: Art Night. Art Night is a celebration of the childrens' art. We hang it, museum style, in the church hall for all the families to enjoy.

There is something so amazing about children's art. I have a hard time trying to pinpoint why I love it so much. Is it because their art is so pure? Three-year-olds don't say to themselves, "I can't draw" or "I am not an artist". They simply create. Because it feels good. And they put their whole self into the work, figuratively as well as literally. In my class, if you want to paint with your hands, go for it. You want to paint with your feet? Have at it. If your friend doesn't care if you paint her then by all means do so. If you want to mix paint and glue and buttons together to see what happens, then I will provide the paper on which to try it out.

After the kids create their art, I ask them to tell me about it. Sometimes, there is nothing to tell, "it was just fun". Or I get the details of how the art was created, "I mixed blue paint and yellow paint and made a little green and then I glued some beads here and then I punched a hole in the paper here and then I taped it." And sometimes they have simple explanations, "It's a shoe." and some have elaborate and intricate plots, involving all the intrigue and suspense of the best romance novels.

Let me share some of my favorites from this year...

"My Mom"

"A Big Storm"

"This is my mom and she is grumpy and she has beautiful eyebrows"

"My Mouses"

Maybe it is just me, but I think these are simply amazing works of art. And I bet if the art dealers that run all those fancy galleries downtown thought these painting were done by a trained artist, as opposed to a carefree and passsionate three-year-old, some parents could make some cool cash.

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